Today I wanted to try to answer one of man’s biggest questions.

Why is it that women show off bikinis but become shy in underwear?

For further clarification, see picture provided.

I could be totally wrong with this but heres my opinion on the matter:

Bikinis were MADE to be worn in public and therefore seen by many people.

On the other hand underwear was made to be seen by the lady wearing it, her partner and maybe other women in say a lockerroom.

There is only one exception to this “rule”: Lingerie

This is meant to be seen by -traditionally- two people. The Lady wearing it and her partner.

Now, I don’t know if I’m on track here so I would appreciate all kinds of thought about this matter.

Have a good one,



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  1. I think it’s the location too…
    I would definitely wear a bikini in the beach, where there is sun, sand and other people dressed scantily as me. But I would never wear my underwear in a beach, and I’m pretty sure people would notice that. =))

  2. dapperdolly says:

    I agree with your answers totally. Those are the ‘lines’ that differentiate swimwear, underwear and lingerie. However, at the same time it’s really like ‘you say tom-ah-toe, I say tom-aa-toe’ – it’s the same thing. For non-tangible reasons, or social conditioning, women generally don’t mind barely practically all for swimwear but have issues about underwear – because of a name difference and its associations but technically there’s very little difference, except that swimwear is supposed to be waterproof (though many bikinis and ‘club wear’ cum swimwear aren’t). One is socially acceptable, the other isn’t – though they’re two sides of the same coin and another strange thing – a fair amount of underwear shows less than the average bikini.

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